Monday, September 3, 2007

Gay-Dar, or How I Created my Own Superhero

Clicking and clicking around I happened to find this really cool website HeroMachine where you can create your very own superhero - picking his/her clothes, weapons, etc. Needless to say this killed a couple of hours and after many "drafts" here is my final Superhero: Gay-Dar.
I hope his powers are very self-explanatory - I mean, they say you always create a superhero you wish could save you, and he's exactly what I need here in NJ right now: someone who can help me "spot the gays" here in New Brunswick. I mean, the Starbucks baristas are a given, but other than that I am always unsure and I think that any overt move towards trying to find out might cost me an eye.
But without further ado, I give you Gay-Dar: a retail salesperson by day, and gay avenger by night.Pfft! Northstar has nothing on this guy! And yes, his stick is ironic AND metaphorical at the same time.

1 comment:

mercedes said...

I think the Rawhide Kid might have to get his pistol ready for a showdown with Gay-Dar at The Pumpjack!