Tuesday, September 25, 2007

House of Bones, or How Fox Delivers the Goods

Continuing with the "Watching with Manuel" Fall TV Preview I give you my dish on Fox's Tuesdays:


8:00 Bones (FOX)
Now, I am not a die-hard fan of procedural dramas (whether they follow lawyers, doctors or forensics... Profiler not-withstanding). But when you add the disarmingly charming David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel's eye-liner you give me a good place to start. I have watched a couple of episodes of Bones, but this was by far one of the more interesting ones: I mean, a random skull, a conspiracy theory worthy of Mr Dan Brown and great tie-buckle ensembles in David's wardrobe choices are clearly elements of a good hour on TV in my books. This was an episode that very clearly (and not as self-consciously as some Heroes....) sets up the main storylines for this season: Bones and Booth; Hodgins and Angela's wedding 'adventure' and of course the vault's conspiracy. I am intrigued and was very entertained for the entire hour making me remember that Fox gives me all the good stuff (even if they do cancel shows obscenely early when Rupert doesn't see profit coming his way by episode 4... coughDrivecough).

Favourite part of the episode: "No ... ungual, with a 'g,' a 'g'..."

9:00 House M.D. (FOX)
I have to be honest. I had my concerns: House with no Foreman, Chase or Cameron? It sounds like a cool episode (I believe it was done already - that one in the plane where it's just House and Cuddy) but making it work for the rest of the series? You had to be kidding. And yet, the premiere of House M.D. manages to work without the three hotties of the show (oh how I miss Chase's accent though). As per usual House is faced by a patient that seems to have inexplicable symptoms that don't add up and without a team, how will Hugh Laurie sarcastically burn his peers with his dry-wit banter? He improvises, and we all knew House was always about House, so if we still have his cranky mood swings, we still have a good show. Formulaic, true, but a good show nonetheless. That said, the ending blew me away - it was actually quite clever. The preview gave us a glimpse of Chase, Cameron and Foreman so maybe there is still hope for those of us who miss the 'team' but I am also eagerly awaiting what promises to be a "House's Next Top Doctor"-like season ahead; "By the end of 6 weeks, one of you will leave...along with 28 other unfortunate souls."

Favourite part of the episode: "You were bouncing ideas off of a janitor!"


Heather said...

I hate that you get to watch new House episodes. Although I am one season behind since I have to wait for the DVD's to come out, granted. I am awake at 4:45am for some reason... and I have to work tomorrow. I must be crazy.

Lysa said...

Keep up the good work.