Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ugly Rabies, or How Thursdays are Hot


8:00 Ugly Betty (ABC)
Last year I came to watch Ugly Betty with a hesitation mainly cause I had seen the original Colombian incarnation "Yo Soy Betty la Fea" and while it ended up being too sappy for my taste, it was a breakthrough in terms of Colombian "telenovelas' (how many 'ugly' female protagonists do we get, really?) With that in mind, I think I saw what ABC had done with 'Betty' and it made me cringe: Back then I didn't know how well soap opera conventions would translate into an hour of US Primetime. But after an entire season I think Betty's antics are soapy enough (the season finale featured a gunshot, a car-crash, an enagagement, a prison break and an unexpected pregnancy!), funny enough (just pull up any Amanda/Marc quotes) and hip enough (Kristin Chenoweth as a dentist's assistant? Rebecca Romjin as a tranny? Salma Hayek reprising soap opera roles in the 'fictional tv telenovelas'?) The characters grew on me: I will laugh at anything Marc spits out at Betty, and Vanessa Williams (playing herself, in my eyes) is pitch-perfect as the Ice Queen of fashion (when is she not wearing white, honestly?)
The season premiere was good: the first segment (a 'Betty daydream' where she sees her life as a soap opera) was hilarious - mostly for the awesome spanish lines and set the tone for what promises to be a fun season - is (currently fat) Amanda Faye and Papa Mead's daughter? Will Henry and Betty have a 'happily ever after'? How will Judith Light steal Vanessa's thunder this time around?
All of this makes me sad of course - because come next week, my 8:30 slot will be taken by that Emmy nominated comedy starring the funny Tina Fey and the hilarious Alec Baldwin, but I guess I am hooked enough: I'll probably catch up downloading the episodes anyway! (As if I needed more procrastinating tools!)

Favourite part of the show: "I am never going to see Sound of Music the same ever again!"

9:00 The Office (NBC)
Continuing with shows that I don't normally watch but had to watch the premieres this week (marketing and advertising and EW are to blame for that!) I watched The Office this week. Having only watched one or two episodes before, I was laughing by the first scene (Steve Carrel running over one of his employees was probably the highlight of the episode). The rest of the hour-episode was what is surely common-ground for avid Office fans: Carrel's awkward 'like me, praise me' attitude towards his employees, Pam and Jim lovey-dovey scenes (finally! - or so I hear) and random, ridiculously funny sketches. I find the documentary style at once quite refreshing but also a bit choppy at times - maybe it gets some getting used to, I don't know. That said, I could watch paint-dry if it had John Krasinski who I had heard so much about from a certain someone *wink wink* and now I know why. All in all, a good two-part episode with some laugh-out loud moments.

Favourite of the part of the show: "Support the Rabid!"/ "You don't know me, you just saw my penis."

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