Sunday, September 30, 2007

Desperate Sisters, or How the Alphabet Channel has a Delicious Sundae

9:00 Desperate Housewives (ABC)
After an estranged season (I can't remember any episodes after that crazy "Bang!" episode) I decided/was forced to go back to Desperate Housewives this season: how could I not, with hottie my favourite space captain setting up shop in Wisteria Lane? It didn't take long for Brenda Strong to fill me in on everyone's dirty laundry - 5 mins in I was aware of Bree's fake pregnancy, Lynette's cancer (why is it that Felicity is getting all the "drama" acting and not enough comedy!?), Gabrielle's marriage, Edie's suicide and Susan's (actually every single scene with Teri Hatcher works like an amnesiac...) The episode was fun as per usual. Too much Teri (and actually stealing a scene right from Nathan's earlier summer exposure: read Waitress - which if you haven't seen, wait for it on DVD and do yourself a favour!) and not enough everyone else, really. I still don't know what they're gonna do with Lynette's cancer - how comedic is a disease, really? and do we need more drama? It was fun, fluff, but fun. Bree still has the best lines, though the fork scene was a bit... over the top. Yet again we have new neighbours (Dana Delany gets a chance to capitalize on that 'Bree' role she turned down) and new intrigues, so we'll see how that pans out. Overall, an enjoyable episode but not the best I've seen of the girls in Wisteria Lane, though the Dana-Marcia rivalry looks more than promising, so we'll tune in on Sundays, when I'm rarely doing anything more exciting.

Favourite part of the show:
Edie: My doctor told me to talk openly about it [her attempted 'suicide']
Bree: Surely not over food.

10:00 Brothers and Sisters (ABC)
As someone reminded me today, I do make 'fun' of people who watch Brothers and Sisters, but like anything else, I believe that to judge you need to have watched/tasted/talked to...well, you get the picture. So I gave it a chance. And, even though I love Calista (if only for that wonderful David E. Kelley show everyone loves to hate), love Rachel (just cause) and love the gay storyline (who doesn't love the gays on primetime?) I find the entire show a bit... over the top. Too much drama, too much 'weep now gentle viewer!' or 'be moved by our stories, which are just like your stories...' - which I can't really stomach. Maybe that's why I like over the top shows (comedic like Ugly Betty, crazy like 30 Rock, sci-fi like BSG, vampire-y like Buffy/Angel, witty like GG, well,you get the idea). That said, it was entertaining to watch - it does have good writing and good acting which I can admire, but needless to say I won't be tuning in next week to see if hottie-son actually died (oops spoilers...)

Favourite part of the show: "I dont want nice, I want my mother!"

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