Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Finding Johnny, or How I am Seeing Double

So what if Stanton's newest Pixar robot looks kinda like Johnny 5 from Short Circuit?

The movie (Pixar's Wall E) is probably going to be infinitely better. And I'm not just saying that cause I am a die-hard Pixar fan (I was a fan of the shorts before Toy Story and still follow 'em to this day... though I've yet to watch that one about the vehicles... what was it called again?) but because Andrew Stanton (whatever your stance on that box-office hit you have to admit it was amazing animation film-making) is behind it and Pixar cannot go wrong - not with a rat who wants to be a chef with an unpronounceable name (one of the year's best!) and certainly not with a robot movie that will play for roughly its first half as a silent film [don't believe me? watch the trailer... how much dialogue do you hear?]
Wall E makes an appearance in this (the newest) trailer in a fashion mush reminiscent of another unlikely (albeit Disney) hero - and thankfully for us, shares also with that Chris Sanders' alien an adorable and quirky voice. Check it out:

Can't wait!

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