Sunday, October 21, 2007

Desperate Housewives, or How Lynette Got her Groove Back

At last! Desperate Housewives gets self-aware enough to realise that while the corporate 'mos would love a chance to live in Wisteria Lane, it will always be Teri Hatcher who keeps us away ($2000 suits or no $2000 suits). Susan will always be for me the weakest link in what is otherwise an (albeit inconsistently) well-written show. This is why it was hilarious to see the kind of wit and spite I usually direct at Teri Hatcher actually played out on screen deliciously by Kevin Rahm and Tuc Watkins: I mean, how bitchier can primetime gays get?
And yet, it was also interesting to see the new 'gay couple' in Marc Cherry's show from an academic standpoint: this is where (arguably a minority of) the (alleged) gay 'community' wants to go. To the suburbs, where we are 'just like you' gentle heterosexuals: we have jobs, we wear suits (and/or manpris with purple polos) and can afford a suburban house where we take care of our dog. It seems that Lee and Bob are the poster-couple for the white upper-middle class gay male community - it comes as no surprise then that they would show up in a show about and for white upper-middle class America, who, like Susan watches Cable and believes themselves to (not only be a 'nice neighbour') but inclusive and open to 'those people.'
Don't get me wrong, I am all for exposure - wealthy and well groomed gays are better than no gays at all, right? And while it may seem as if I am complaining I actually think (as I've noted before) that ABC is way ahead of its competitors when it comes to queering their network; that, and oh yeah, they know their target consumer audience. And if they can keep doing that while mining my love-hate relationship with the has-been that was Ms Hatcher, all the better!
And yet, I still found this week's high point the storyline with Lynette and her wigs (Brandy, Candy, 'Jeff'...) - it was about time Ms Huffman (or is it Mrs Macy?) got a good storyline that veered away from the (interesting, nuanced but still) dramatic and heavy cancer aspects of her character. Huffman, who along with Marcia Cross can go easily from drama to comedy and not miss a beat, was in dire need of stretching her comedic skills and seeing her get her mojo back was enjoyable - as much for Tom as it was the audience.
From the previews, it looks like I'll have at least one more episode with Funny Huffman to look forward to - til then!

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