Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bionic Woman Vancouver style, or How I am Seeing Double

After several underwhelming episodes, I was glad to see a good Bionic Woman episode that didn't require Ms Sackhoff to come and pick up the slack. Sadly, it made me realise that I was enjoying it not just because of the dialogue (which was inspired: "I feel like Felicity. Only Felicity wasn't a scientist, and she wasn't British, and she went to University to chase a guy, which I didn't - so I don't know why I said that. Okay, you talk.") or the story (which was interesting) but because

a. Jordan Bridges was in it. As if hearing what POP COLONY had to say about its hottie drought they brought on Jordan to fill that gap and it was more than welcome.
b.Michelle Ryan was speaking in British for more than half the episode ("I am an exchange student from Eastenders... ahem. I mean Oxford") and
c. It was like a UBC recruiting brochure come to life, I swear more than 2/3 of the episode were filmed at my lovely Alma Mater. Top 8 places I could identify right away while watching Bionic this week:

8. Walkway near the Freddy Wood Theatre
7. Main Mall (with Flag Pole sans Canadian flag in full view)
6. New Science Buildings (or was it the Forestry Building?)
5. UBC rooftops (very Tru Calling-esque, actually)
4. Koerner Plaza
3. Koerner's Pub (epitomizing Jamie's University experience)
2. Cecil Green House (hosting a student "house party"?)
1. Chan Centre for Performing Arts - where I graduated actually(hosting some sort of 'market'?)
We'll see if it keeps picking up - Katee's gonna be in the next episode (I think) so that's promising.


POP COLONY said...

"they brought on Jordan to fill that gap and it was more than welcome."<---I was totally about to write an entry entitled "THIS IS HOW NOT TO END THE HOTTIE DROUGHT" Jordon Bridges?? Really?? He's not even The Dude's son he's the son of the Stargate one. Plus he was on that SVU spinoff Conviction that got cancelled after 9 epsiodes. I hate it when NBC recycles its 'stars' because all it does is constantly remind us of their numerous failures. Though I'm going to give the show props for their 'Self-Aware Geek' character. He was saying everything I was thinking. What can I say I find cynicism hot. Just wish he were a bit more WBish.

Manuel B said...

It was more than welcome - though, arguably not the "best" choice (and if we're going to go into "recycling" stars I think your beloved Rupert takes the medal on that case).
Here's to this being only the first step = ie. we're one more episode closer to seeing Jamie *fingers crossed*

POP COLONY said...

But FOX recycles in a good way!!!!!!!!