Monday, October 29, 2007

How I Met Your Mother, or How Alyson Hannigan is a Good Whedon-Alum

So not only has Alyson Hannigan been gracing us with her presence in CBS's How I Met Your Mother as kindergarten teacher Lily, but she has been doing so with STYLE! (Long gone is the mousy Willow of yore/season1 of HIMYM) Every season Ally finds ways of looking hotter and more stylish and we have to wonder: how much of the costume/makeup/hair budget is allocated to Ally alone? And yet we don't care because we also thank Ally for keeping the Whedonverse in business (Morena Baccarin, Amy Acker, Tom Lenk, and even her beau Alexis Denisof have all been featured in Ally's show).

Thankfully, Hannigan is not only a good Whedon alum when finding co-stars from other Whedon shows; being a good Whedon alum means upholding Whedonesque skills and Ally does this very well. And what is Whedonesque skill #1? Self-awareness.
So just as we were wondering how Ally looks so stunning every episode, and manages to afford great haircuts, gorgeous boots and designer clothing Bob Saget's Ted introduced us to "the question Aunt Lily had been dreading for years":

"Lily, how do you afford all of these things?" courtesy of Robin

And so, the 'awesome!' sitcom that is HIMYM went full-drive into Self-Aware territory - and thankfully not into Grey's Anatomy Soundtrack Self-Aware, but into Whedon Self-Awareness, y'know? The good kind, with a story around how kindergarten Lily shops til she drops and racks up credit card debt - featuring that very funny dream sequence with Lily/Ally and her boots - which I still believe are Ally's real boots. I can't help but wonder if this will be Lily's story this season. I guess we'll have to keep watching to find out!

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Jason said...

Was that a snarky comment about Grey's I just read? How would I know who Snow Patrol was without Grey's POUNDING IT INTO MY FUCKING HEAD? Because, just in case the FIVE MINUTE, slow motion, self-realization scenes weren't set to Snow Patrol, THEY SHOWED ME THE EFFING MUSIC VIDEO!

No, I was not upset about that at all.

P.S. How I Met Your Mother should be commended for educating the masses about Chloe. And by masses, I mean the women aged 35-900 and myself, the only ones who still watch CBS.