Friday, November 21, 2008

Britney Spears' Circus or How it's more like a pet zoo...

Seeing how Blackout was a brilliant album plagued by Brit-Brit's crazy times I expected Circus (with her in top form) to be Ms Spears' magna opus and 'Womanizer' almost tricked me into believing this. Sadly this ain't no Blackout and it sounds oddly subdued; where are the 'get up and dance sexily with me' tracks, I ask? Where?

Circus (2008)

1. Womanizer - The jewel in this unsteady and home-bejeweled music crown. It's sexy, fun, danceable, and endlessly loopable.

2. Circus - Actually one of my favorite tracks. This title track mixes good lyrics ("I am ringleader! I call the shots!") and a good beat. Not an all-out club track but a good pre-drinking song which, if [ed note: WHEN] released and paired with a hot video might catch on.

3. Out From Under - A typical Brit-ballad (think Someday I'll Understand...) it feels oddly vintage and 90s-ish.

4. Kill the Lights - 'Pop princess now Queen of Pop' - I'm sorry did Madonna die and not tell us? Regardless of Danja's intro, this song is this album's Piece of Me: Brit vs the paparazzi surrounded by a good arrangement and angry lyrics.

5. Shattered Glass - One of the highlights of the album. There's a sort of throwback feeling to this song (like it could have been in Britney or Oops I Did it Again) but it nonetheless feels fresh (must be re electro-feel it has)

6. If U Seek Amy - First of all, who is Amy? Is this a Kevin Smith reference? It's a 'fun' track which sounds more like a P!nk song than a Britney song.

7. Unusual You - One of Britney's breathy tracks (think Breathe on Me only less dancey and more loungey)

8. Blur - A snooze of a song, a slow track whose monotony is only surpassed by it's repetitive and inane lyrics.

9. Mmm Papi - I'm sure I hate this song on it's title alone, but seriously: Mmm Papi? Barf.

10. Mannequin - The most Blackout song of them all. And yes, that's a compliment. Now if only I knew what Britney means when she says that 'Love is like a mannequin'...

11. Lace and Leather - With such a provocative title you'd think this would be a racier song that would make you want to flaunt your lace and leather. Instead it's an almost-spoken funky song that prompts you to 'take a seat' cause it's Britney's show...

12. My Baby - "Tiny hands; yes that's you" - words that should NEVER start up a song, let alone a Britney song. I hate it when she gets maternal and balladey.

So, sure there are a couple of singles that make Circus worthwhile, but this ain't the comeback I was hoping for. Here's the Brit's next album!


Jeffrey said...

If you seek Amy = F U C K Me

Dame James Henry said...

That's such a shame Circus isn't as good as Blackout. I know it's hard to live up to those expectations, seeing as how Blackout is an absolute masterpiece and all, but I'm sad it didn't. I'm actually being a good little boy and waiting until 12/2 when I pick my copy to listen to the whole thing. Even if it's not as good, I can't wait!