Thursday, November 27, 2008

'I love Food Metaphors' or How It's The Wonderful World of Film According to Baz

I had the joy of attending a Q&A with director Baz Luhrmann last Tuesday prior to seeing Australia, and he's definitely a guy I would love to spend an entire afternoon talking to: so eloquent, funny and willing to speak thoughtfully and engagingly about his work (giving us such wonderfully simple yet insightful sound-bites as "The landscape is the journey" to explain how Australia is not really about Australia but about the characters' journey which is metonimically explored through the concept of Australia ('a far away land') - and yes, that's my grad student persona kicking in). 

My favourite Bazism of the night?:

"I've been using a lot of culinary metaphors lately. But I think they work. I think films have become too specific, too focused lately." 

What did he mean? See for yourself.

What he wanted to give the audience was a 'epic movie' = a banquet: with appetizers, entrees, dessert and the works.

Fave part of the Q&A: While I was getting my fanboy on and partaking in our culture's author/commodity fetishism (read: getting Baz to sign my Moulin Rouge! DVD) there were these two twins (Russian? Eastern European?) dressed exactly alike (wearing matching horrible red-knit hats and red muppet-like coats) who went up to Baz and told him they were professional actresses ("We are 'ere filming the Law and Order") and wanted to be in one of his films. I can't wait for this to be up on the website cause his reaction when they gave him their CV (yes, singular) was priceless!

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POP COLONY said...

"Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!" Baz is too precious almost quoting Auntie Mame like that!