Sunday, November 16, 2008

Post Human Beyonce, or How wtf is that on her hand?!

I guess Beyonce (who knew?) read a post I did a couple of months ago where I stated:

is the new HUMAN"
[Check out the rest of that crazy post here]

And never one to be out-done, Beyonce seems to have taken that to heart to prove to me (yes, ME personally!) that she can be the Post-Human version of Beyonce, with claw/glove/cyborg hand and all:

Pic: Beyonce performing Single Ladies on SNL earlier this weekend pointing very self-consciously at what kept distracting me from her overall performance (and yes, it distracted me on the video too... thankfully she wasn't wearing it in her skit [WHICH HULU/NBC HAVE NOT POSTED! - check it here - C'mon it was hilarious!] and I could just focus on 'how on earth did the boys fit into those tights?!)

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Dame James Henry said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Beyonce has lost her damn mind. That cyborg hand was batshit crazy enough in her video, but now she's wearing it everywhere?! Beyonce really has lost her damn mind.