Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Gaystapo is out to get you, or How that's what Colbert will have you believe

Resident gay spokesperson Dan Savage drops by the Colbert Report to talk to Stephen about Prop 8.

Savage argues that the Gay community will win this Survivor style, "we'll outlive, outlast and outsmart the bigots"
The use of the apparently euphemistic "saddlebacking" as a gay sex term. "Soaking up"? What you do after 'saddlebacking.'
Seeing Bill O'Reilly's idiotic suggestion that the gays should protest outside of the Black Church (?!)
Stephen use of 'gay-marry' as a verb.
Thankfully, as Savage says the old people vote (which helped pass Prop 8) is thankfully (and literally!) dying... shocking? As my favorite college professor would say, this isn't just true, it is better: it is offensive.
Savage confesses that "black men have kept him down" before ;-)
Polygamous homosexuals anyone? Email Savage.

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