Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Golden Globe Predictions, or How I'm just offering general ones here

No time for full blown GG predix; I mean honestly there are WAY too many categories to cover. And while I think there are 'rules' to go by when predicting this crazy group (A-list Star in semi-baity role OR in relatively buzzed project = nom: see Amy Adams get in this way; Worldly subject matter with pedigree = nom: watch this help Slumdog Millionaire) I just don't have the time or the effort to get to it.

Instead, here's a wishlist (and yes, I am also throwing in TV stuff... so many people forget the HFPA also does TV!):

Kate Winslet double dips for Revolutionary Road and The Reader getting some love and some necessary traction if Camp Winslet wants to nab that Naked Golden Man this year.

Jane Krakowski gets some love for her portayal of kooky, self-obsessed Jenna on 30 Rock (Tina, Alec and the series are pretty much staples by now)

Pushing Daisies grabs noms for Comedy Series, Lead Actor, Lead Actress, Supporting Actor, & Supporting Actress, proving once again that ABC doesn't know quality when it is being baked right in front of its Dancing with the According to Practice's face.

How I Met Your Mother cracks the Comedy lineup and is joined by NPH in the Supporting Actor category.

Brad and Angie get snubbed (Nothing against them but I'd like to see more diversity and less star wattage on the red carpet this year)

Mad Men ladies get to shine with nominations for January Jones, Elisabeth Moss and Christina Hendricks (the Johns - Hamm and Slatery - and the hot hot Series also get some love, of course)

The Dark Knight shows up in the Best Drama Picture.

Unsung (camp/gay icon) performers Michael Urie and Becki Newton get noms for their Mode Magazine duo.

Clint gets snubbed (sorry, but the Clint love is too much sometimes).

Charlie Sheen and his CBS sitcom pals get the shaft.

The Zeffron gets a nom for HSM3 to the public outcry of the older media elite.

Ms Fey double dips for Baby Mama and 30 Rock ending 2008 with a bang.

Sex and the City: The Movie nabs at least 2 nods (Best Comedy and Best Lead Comedy Actress for SJP) showing how much HFPA really adores the Parker vehicle.

We'll see if my foreignness and my inner will manage to make any of these come true.

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Dame James Henry said...

I am all for a Zac Efron nom! That would be heavenly just to hear all of the uptight bloggers' outrage!