Thursday, December 4, 2008

Umbrella Academy Movie?! or How This is kind of Awesome!

Sure, we're pretty much sick of all the superhero movies coming our way: I'll grant that I'm excited for sequels for The Dark Knight (here's hoping!) and for Iron Man, but every other superhero franchise coming our way is dull to say the least (can we not import Robert Downey into the Avengers movie?); do we really need a Thor movie? A Captain America film? Yet another re-boot of Superman?

That said, I was thrilled when I read that Gerard Way's creation for Dark Horse, The Umbrella Academy is being fast-tracked over at Universal Studios. The Umbrella Academy tells the story of seven children who are born with supernatural powers (example: The Rumour's power is that every 'rumour' she utters becomes true) and are tutored by Dr. Hargreeves to become city heroes. 

From the very first page I knew I was going to like this comic-book. Actually, I take that back. From the cover, I knew I was going to like this comic book. James Jean never goes wrong. Also, having Scott Allie associated with a project is a plus any day.
So first page: I love Way's "notes from Sir Reginald Hargreeves, a.k.a. The Monocle" they're really funny and offered a good 'intro' to our Academy members. My favourite line:
"00.03 Insufferable, narcissistic creature, but extremely useful.
That said, after reading the first issue I fell in love with everything - the ridiculously crazy plot, the witty dialogue, the super-fun artwork by Gabriel Bá (reminiscent enough of his brother's work on Joss Whedon's Sugarshock but appropriately different to suit Mr Way's tone and story) and of course, the characters. Rumour might just actually have the greatest power I have ever heard of. So simple and yet so 'extremely useful.'
Can't wait to see who gets attached to this project. Would Tim Burton be too much of an obvious choice? Would Del Toro be a too lofty an ambition? I just hope Universal stays away from the Brett Ratners and Michael Bay types and sticks to the idiosyncrasies of the comic book. If I have peeked your interest, buy the trade paperback, now available with the first six issues arc (+ all the wonderful covers by James Jean!)

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