Sunday, May 17, 2009

9 from Nine, or How in a very unusual way I think I'm in love with this trailer...

Rob Marshall's Nine - if nothing else - looks gorgeous. Also: it's an actressexual's wet dream with Nicole, Marion, Kate, Dame Judi, Sophia, & Penelope taking center stage around Mr Day-Lewis. 

And so, here are 9 still frames/thoughts from Nine's trailer:

9. Nicole giving Daniel a smooch. Just the fact that Nicole is doing her first musical role since the whirlwind that was/is Moulin Rouge gets me excited regardless. To see her all glammed up and working her ice-cool sexy demeanor, just makes me quiver with anticipation with what 'Unusual Way' will look/sound like.
8. Judi and the 'Folies Bergeres' = it's like Mrs Henderson is presenting all over again.
7. Marion playing sexy. Is it just me or what could have been one of those forgettable Oscar biopic choices turning out to be the start of a great career for Ms Cotillard, who not only has Nine coming out but also Public Enemies with Johnny and Christian? Seeing her act without makeup and the thrust of Piaf's tragic story will be refreshing (I hope).
6. Kate as a 90s blond pop star? I mean, that is what this frame suggests n'est-ce pas? As long as this reignites her non-romcom career, I'll take whatever I can get.
5. I have been scarred... why is it that I expect Sophia to yell "Roberto!!!" and wave an envelope every time I see her? But here she's all regal and better-than-thou (which, you know she is) so I think I'm safe from Benigni's blabbering speeches.
4. Fergie as Saraghina. What Marshall, Ms BEP, a host of dancers and sand (!) can do on screen makes me feel like 'Be Italian' might be this film's 'Cell Block Tango.' And that is always a good thing to be aspiring to be.
3. Penelope being sexy. Her Carla is already miles away (physically) from Jane Krakowski's TONY Award winning portrayal so I'm hoping Cruz's smouldering number will be able to work free from any comparison to Ms Krakowski's memorable sheet-ful number and well... if anyone can do that it's Penelope cause she doesn't just have talent, she has gee-nee-uss!
2. Daniel Day-Lewis. I can't be the only one anticipating Day-Lewis' first role since his Oscar-winning Daniel Plainview and his first-ever singing role. Gladly, the trailer shows him at ease (and smiling!) so I am timidly waiting to see the followup trailer to hear him.
1. The techs! The cinematography (those Felliniesque black and white shots of the boys at the beach!), the lighting (that entrance!), the costumes (Penelope's corset! Nicole's coat! Kate's ensemble!), the hair (Marion's bun!  Judi's bob!), the makeup (Penelope's eyes! Sophia's face!) not to mention what are bound to be top notch editing, sound mixing, sound editing... make me drool. 

Needless to say: I'm excited. And The New Broadway Cast Recording has been playing on loop on my iTunes all week.

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Jose said...

That Penélope shot will haunt me forever.