Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dreamgirls, or How FYC-much?

Okay so I was re-watching the 8-time Oscar nominated (though-not-in-the-Best-Picture-or-Best-Director) film based on the Broadway show Dreamgirls and couldn't help but notice that the credits are the most unabashedly gimme-Oscars FYC ads EVER!

Or maybe it was just an attempt at teaching regular filmgoers what the Tech people do?

Either way:


Anonymous said...

Holy shit. I did not notice that. It was so FYC. Thanks for pointing that out.

Jose said...

What the hell is John Krasinski doing there?

mB said...

@Jose: He plays the writer for the film Beyon... er Deena wants to star in.

This, added to his cameo in Jarhead, has made for an unexpectedly Krasinski-cameo-filled week (and has made me more excited for Away We Go!)

Jose said...

Oh true! The crazy Cleopatra thing.
LOL and I have the movie right here, guess I shouldn't skip to J-Hud scenes all the time.