Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Hours, or How casting NOT-against type

You have John C. playing a dull but loving husband:

Jeff playing a self-involved academic:

Toni playing a cake baking housewife:

Claire is playing a free-spirit teenager:

Ed is playing a tortured artist:

Meryl playing a menopausal wreck:

Julianne playing an unsatisfied housewife:

Alison playing a supportive second 'wife':

Now, Nicole seems to be the one playing against type.. is that why Oscar bit?


Jason said...

I completely forgot Jeff was in that! Also, may I ask what prompted a revisit of The Hours? Please tell me I can expect something on A Home at the End of the World. You know it's my fave!

mB said...

To me, it's always Jeff who baffles me when he comes on screen.

As for The Hours retrospective... it's because it's ALWAYS on my mind, but mostly because I was watching Chicago and it struck me that John C (during his critical years before he stumbled into Appatovian world) was all about the dull husbands which led to seeing Toni in Tara = Toni in Hours... and so my mind wandered.

And no, I'm not revisiting THAT other Cunningham trainwreck, thank you very much.