Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Clay vs Lambert, or How gay vs queer?

Okay, so Clay Aiken has been bashing Adam Lambert as of late (and then half-heartedly apologizing for it) but regardless of the catty drama (and the fact that this has to do with American Idol, a show that I couldn't care less about even if I tried...) I just have to wonder: is this more than just a fight of AI alumni or the showdown between the

"good identifiable gay"

the "ambiguous queer"?



Dame James said...

I think it's a fight between the "I'm not relevant anymore" and the "I won't be relevant in two years time", gay or not. This catfight is yawn city.

Anonymous said...

Both of these guys are super hot and super talented in their own ways. The fight is not a fight and is blown way out of proportion.