Monday, May 11, 2009

Is Megan Fox trying to Make Me Hate Her, or How seriously? You're taking a shot at HSM?

First of all, Megan Fox has yet to be in a film/project I am excited about.

Transformers? Puh-lease, Sha-ya Le-Be-oh-uff is in that: next!; How to Lose Friends and Alienate People? The trailer made me hurl: next!; let's me know she was in Hope and Faith... yes, that Kelly Ripa vehicle: next!... I would be excited about Jennifer's Body if she didn't sound like such an idiot when discussing it (and if it wasn't, y'know... a horror pic: 
”I play the captain of the flag team and I get improperly sacrificed by this rock band, who are trying to obtain a record deal - so they sell their soul to Satan. They need to sacrifice a virgin. I’m not a virgin, so what happens is I get taken over by a demon and, in order to stay alive in this sort of undead period, I have to eat flesh, so I eat boys.” … “So it’s meeting them and having this bizarre pseudo-lesbian relationship with my best friend. It’s all very manipulative and is basically how frightening young girls can be - they’re completely terrifying.”
Then she had that crazy Golden Globe red carpet "I'm a tranny!" moment during which I thought to myself: is she actively trying to be the new Jessica Simpson?

So I shoudln't be surprised when she spews crap like this:
In the June issue of Esquire, on newsstands May 10, Megan Fox explains the true meaning of ‘High School Musical.’ “Let me tell you what it’s really about. ‘High School Musical’ is about this group of boys who are all being molested by the basketball coach, who is Zac Efron’s dad. It’s about them struggling to cope with this molestation. And they have these little girlfriends, who are their beards. Oh, and somehow there’s music involved,” the ‘Transformers’ beauty says. Fox adds, “You have to get stoned and watch it.” We wonder if she’s speaking from experience.
Over her: next!

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J.D. said...

No, that's what it's like in the slash stories I read a lot.

...what? nevermind.