Friday, August 21, 2009

Leo's One-Two-Punch Rule, or How Shutter Island gets a 2010 release

Speculation about Paramount's decision to move Scorcese's Shutter Island from Oct 2009 (primed for Oscar season) to February 2010 (Oscar no-man's-land) range from idiotic ("it's no good!" - uh, hello, DiCaprio + Scorcese + crazy Patty Clarkson? Riiight) to industry-savvy ("it makes more sense financially to not spend $50M+ for an Oscar campaign") but I think I figured it out: Leo's just gotten used to having 2 big releases per year.

Don't believe me? Let's group Leo's biggest (post-Titanic) "hits" by year:



(Okay one, but didn't it feel like TWO?)


My theory fails me in 2000/2001
Noticeably absent or not grouped at all: The Beach (2000), cause... let's just forget about that one, shall we? and Don's Plum (2001) which I had never heard about before...


This way, Leo can have Scorcese's Shutter Island nicely paired alongside Nolan's Inception and make 2010 another banner year where we'll probably be asking ourselves: "What film will he be nominated for...?"


J.D. said...

LMAO I completely forgot Body of Lies came out last year.

Vance said...

"didn't it feel like TWO" lol!

mB said...

Yes, well BoL was totally forgettable: any of you see it? And yes, The Aviator is a fucking long movie. I love me some Leo and Cate and Gwen but still...geez!