Monday, August 17, 2009

R2 on Youtube, or How just this once, I'll engage in filial plugging

This might be a first:

I'm not here to discuss any new releases (District 9 rocks by the way!) or new TV Shows (I'll be getting to Mad Men Season 3 opener later today) or casting news (Brad Pitt on Sherlock Holmes whaa?) - no, I'm gonna use my blogging powers (as feeble as they may be) to tout my brother's work on Youtube:

It bears noting that no... the love for animation is not accidental or coincidental in our family since. It's the family business after all:

Does the character look familiar? It's the animated version of the original Ugly Betty (the Colombian one): my mom's company produced it, and I can safely say that the bee sequence was much too painful to colour in: I would know! It took me an entire weekend!


Anonymous said...

Awww... you're so cute. So is your brother. And I can't believe that Betty was animated. Weird.


Arturo Betancourt said...

yey !!! jejeje hasta ahorita vi esto :D gracias manu enserio :P estamos hablando