Friday, August 14, 2009

Whedon v Twilight or How I'm Seeing Double

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who thinks this whole Entertainment Weekly giving bi-weekly covers to Twilight is bullsh*t (seriously, off the top of my head I can think of about 4 covers this year alone). I know they sell, but of ALL the Fall films they had to choose this so-called "saga" for their cover story?
Thankfully, the peeps at TV Addict agree with me, and came up with an alternate cover: one I would MUCH rather buy/read:


Jason said...

You are so PREDICTABLE! But you are correct, this Twilight cover nonsense has got to end. But I do love Chris Weitz and I want him to do well after that Golden Compass disaster. Will I see it? I'm so torn!

Also, you act like EW never gives Joss any love. They've cried as much as you over his lack of Emmy respect.

Karen said...

I like the Twilight cover but the Whedon one would have been cool too.

seanisbored said...

I would buy that in a second. Joss is looking quite epic in that picture, I must say.

Marcy said...

I'm sort of excited for New Moon in a sort of morbid sort of way. I know it's going to be dumb, ridiculously angsty, and a total waste of my money, but I want to see it. And the new trailer looks rather pretty. I can see the bigger budget bleed on screen.

BUT...I'm not impressed with EW's obsession with Twilight. I'm sick of seeing any member of the Twilight cast on the covers. I'd much rather have them showcase Nine. That cast can kick Twilight cast in the ass.

mB said...

I might be predictable Jason, but it's because Joss > most of everything else (including that so-called "saga").

As for Nine v Twilight: oh what I'd give to see Penelope punch Rob Pattison in the face screaming "GEE-NEE-USS!", as DDL drinks Taylor Lautner's milkshake to the sound of Fergie's 'London Bridge' while Nicole and Judi and Marion all gang up on Kristen Stewart and pummel her with their Oscars. [If I left Ms Hudson out of it... it's because she has a couple of McCona-hey-hey rom-coms under her belt so... she can't really be part of this)

Oh, and of course Ms Loren would just look slightly bored at all the hassle around her as she yells "ROBERTO!!"