Monday, August 10, 2009

NY, I Love You, or How Natalie & co. tickle me excited!

I loved most of the Paris, Je t'aime shorts so this trailer for New York, I Love You has me all excited (not least because of Natalie Portman's directorial debut and the LONG list of amazing actors!):


Vance said...

Loved the first one but doesn't it seem like the list of directors here isn't quite as esteemed? Brett Ratner? Still, I'm excited. And hey, if a segment sucks, it's only about 7-10 min. right?

Chazz said...

Plus, the Phoenix track in the trailer is a good sign :-)

Branden said...

I didn't see "Paris j'taime", but I want to see it before I see this flick.

I'm excited. It's looks so irreverent.

mB said...

@Vance: Yeah, I'm pretty much trying to ignore that that hack is directing anything here... (Also sad about Scarlett's film being scrapped...)

@Chazz: Phoenix in anything is ALWAYS a good sign.

@Branden: It does look quite good. And after living in Manhattan for a year, I can't wait to see this love note to NYC on screen.