Thursday, July 31, 2008

Flash of Genius, or How look! It's Lorelei Gilmore!

There's nothing that makes me more allergic to a movie than the "based on a true story" label. I don't know what it is about it but it usually makes me just dismiss it as Award-bait (and I am an Awards junkie so I'm aware this makes no sense). But then, once in a while movies will come with that label that excite me. This happens mostly when I find an actor/actress in them that interest me (Jake and Robert D. in Zodiac; Russel and Paul in A Beautiful Mind): enter the Flash of Genius trailer.

Sure, the movie itself doesn't look too exciting (windshield wipers! domestic troubles! children!) but Greg Kinnear (of As Good as it Gets and Friends guestage fame) and a certain Ms Lauren 'Lorelei Gilmore' Graham will probably be enough to get me to buy a seat come October to see it.

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Versi said...

It's enough for me too.
Greetings from Spain!