Monday, July 28, 2008

Pushing Daisies Comic Con Panel, or How I'm jealous!

With Thor as my witness, I swear will make it to Comic Con next year, even if it breaks my budget. I went last year and it was a blast, and from having been there to reading and seeing pictures from third parties... it just don't feel right.

This is the case with the Pushing Daisies Panel. Thanks to The Pie Maker blog for posting pics and uploading the entire panel as a podcast

Things I learnt from hearing the podcast and looking at the pics:

- Chi is pronounced "Shay"
- Raul Esparza: we love that you got a gig on Broadway this fall, but why do you have to inconvenience your return to Pushing Daisies?
- There are possibilities for Wonderfalls/Dead Like Me crossovers - am I the only in the world who isn't as interested in that?
- September 16th = DVD/Blu Ray Release!
- Emerson's momma is gonna be coming on the show
- Anna Friel has a beautiful British accent (yes... I too sometimes forget she's British!) - and don't she and Lee look purdy in the pretty?
- Barry Sonnenfeld sounds like Karen Walker's nemesis Beverley Leslie.
- There'll be more singing! Yay! Singing! Yay Musical Episode!
- Kristin is probably one of my favourite showbiz people (and yes, I am also saying that cause I have seen her in person!) Also, doesn't she look purdy in the pic?
- Chi McBride is really funny, and in Sonnenfeld's words he's just 'tall and handsome' as Lee, only black. (Oh, Barry!)
- There's a nunnery involved in the premiere episode! (Yay, Sound of Music moment coming up for Cheno!)
- Fans are really crazy and go ape-shit over anything at Comic Con Panels.
- David Arquette will be joining the cast as a recurring character with the most amazing name in the Pushing Daisies universe: Randy Mann.
- Some of Cheno's "famous friends" (from Broadway we assume?) will be joining the show (for guestage, we assume?) - yay more singing!
- Uh... step away from fangirls who want to know how to knit a gun-coaster.

October 1st - you cannot come soon enough!


Anonymous said...

you crack me up.
i couldn't find a picture of barry sonnenfeld that looked enough like beverly leslie for proper comparison

Anonymous said...


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