Monday, July 14, 2008

High School Musical 3, or How let's break down the trailer, shall we?

Thank you JD for posting this. Now, we can have some fun:

Disney is hoping this TV sensation that took the world by storm (twice!) will take over the silver screen and this trailer is hoping to hit all its bases. Let's see, after a ...Baby One More Time/Hairspray sort of opening (with the bell ringing and all) we see Disney aching to set its demographic as wide as possible:

Attract the Urban kids (just put Troy in a Step Up-like background, have him dance with the black kid and have him wear a bandanna)
Attract the Gays with their diva in the making La Tisdale snapping her fingers and shutting down everything about her
Attract the Sporties with a dramatic basketball locker room entrance via #14 Bolton
Attract the Romantics at heart with a dancing in the rain scene
Attract the style-obsessed Sport-Metros by bringing (back?) the white hoodie o'er 'r head.
Attract the Product-Placement kids and have them hunger after Sharpay's perfume
Attract the Comic-prone by showcasing the slapstick antics of Ryan and Sharpay
Attract the Musical geeks by have them wonder what kid of shot is this (I mean, is this a mashup of Maria from Sound of Music of Maria from West Side Story?)
But even after watching the very polished looking trailer (I was afraid it would end up looking like a TV movie on a big screen...) questions remain:

- Is that Ryan?! [The geniuses behind his lovely baseball outfit put him in this?] I really can't tell (why).
- What is La Tisdale scheming?
- Why is one V-Hudge's power(less) ballads doing in the middle of a sweaty Zeffron moment?!
- How many of Ryan's outfits will I want to own this time around? (What did he wear to Prom? Did he take a boy...?)
and of course:
- Why is Gabriela saying goodbye? (::crosses fingers!!::)
October 24th can't come soon enough: hopefully it'll be here before I realize I am not part of the Generation that Disney's trailer alludes to.


J.D. said...

1. Thank you for the thank you. :)

2. Why is one V-Hudge's power(less) ballads doing in the middle of a sweaty Zeffron moment?! -- To balance out all that testosterone, duh.

3. (What did [Ryan] wear to Prom? Did he take a boy...?) -- Sharpay and him probably went as each others' dates and later did things that would make their parents regret they ever had them.

4. Why is Gabriela saying goodbye? (::crosses fingers!!::) -- OMG?!?!?! *giddy* ... She's probably only going to the bathroom or something. :-\

Dame James Henry said...

lol This was great. I seriously can not wait for October 24th either.
La Tisdale is going to take over the world with her performance (and win an Oscar!).

I was also surprised by the "maturity" (if you can call it that) of this trailer. It actually looks like a quality film and not a cheap made-for-TV film.

Heather said...

Seriously, we're not in the target demographic for Disney? Sadness ensues...