Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wishmaster IV, or How... when Bad Movies happen to Good People

Before he became a pivotal 1/5 of the biggest secret in Sci Fi TV history, Michael Trucco... well, let's just say was a working actor. He did get top billing once the credits rolled:
Don't ask me why I sat through it (I mean... it's not unprecedented, since I did sit through - if groggy at times - James Marsters and Shadow Puppets [ed note: no relation to the wonderfully witty and gorgeous Spike inspired comic book by the same name]) but I can tell you there was not enough (male) gratuity nudity to warrant a viewing - or a coherent plot to speak of. But then, what can you expect when the writer has also penned such B-cable classics as Thrill of the Kill, Venus Envy and Live Once, Die Twice and the director's only highlight in his imbd page is well, this.

If you just want some Michael (who I can tell you is just as attractive in real life as he is in those BSG-signature tank tops) just stick to the Battlestar Galactica DVDs and reruns.

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