Thursday, September 17, 2009

30 Rock, or How which NBC comedy classic will Fey recruit this time around?

I know it may be a bit too early to start obsessing over 30 Rock's impending return but... Scratch that. That would imply I haven't been obsessing over it all summer since it left us, which is of course not true! The little brilliant comedy show that could returns in October for its 4th season and I can't wait! I only wish more people watched it - not because I care about ratings, but because I do feel everyone needs more Tina Fey in their lives.

Last year, Fey's show pulled all the stunts it could to broaden its appeal (and audience numbers) not least of which it was to recruit heavy weight guest stars (Oprah anyone?) and while I do enjoy the episodes where the TGS characters find themselves front and center, there's no denying no one casts and makes use of guest actors as well as 30 Rock (Alan Alda anyone?). Yet, I have yet to hear about any "big stars" visiting the TGS set this upcoming season...

And I'm left wondering which late 1990s sitcom cast will manage to make its way (in its entirety) to Fey's zany comedy:

Jerry himself helped Fey & co open season 2 of 30 Rock, but what of the other NYC neurotics that sat next to him at the Restaurant? I mean, what I wouldn't give for a Louis-Dreyfus/Fey faceoff - they clearly have great chemistry from awards shows and interviews I've seen. Or how about a Baldwin/Alexander corporate rivalry (or would he be more suited for a page-like storyline)? And no other show could whip comedy into Richards own real-life drama than the show which spinned Tracy Morgan's own ankle-bracelet into comedy gold, no? That said, they're all probably too busy promoting their guest-stints in Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm to make this all hopeless dream-casting.

Will & Grace
Hayes played Kenneth's redneck cousin who kidnapped Tracy at the end of season 1 (against-type casting much?) and Mullally tried to help Liz adopt a baby last season, so the famed straight-gay roommate comedy only has two more spots to fill before they cross the finish line. Messing's antics would be nicely paired with Krakowski's diva fits (or maybe I just think of them together cause I love their hair so much?) and McCormack's charm could do well for a Liz romance (though it might be too reminiscent of John Hamm's) so maybe he could play gay again and mess with another guest star vet Will Arnett?

So Ross and Rachel already made their foray into 30 Rock land (as Greenzo and Liz's old roommate respectively) but I'm sure the writers at the Rock could come up with juicy roles for this crowd (though they'd have to kidnap a certain cougar now roaming ABC). My suggestions? Joey Tribbiani should pay a visit to TGS attempting to cross-over into primetime; Kudrow (the most gifted comedic thesp among the group) could do wonders paired with a great character - for kicks I'd give her a corporate role to see her play off of Baldwin's wit; Perry does well with physical comedy as well as awkward laughter so to think of him and Jane Krakowski together in a scene would be bliss (she is overdue for a good romantic storyline, no?) and Ms Courtney 'Cougar Town' Cox-Arquette does bitchy like no one's else business so I'd love to see her echo her Dirt days and have her go after TGS's reputation (or lack thereof) in print and media.

That said, if the writers want to give Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser plum roles this season I'd gladly give Mad About You the edge in this faux-contest.

That said, 30 Rock also favors other types of guest stars:

- If they go after more TV/Film veterans (like Conway and Stritch) could I suggest Lily Tomlin, Ellen Burstyn or Maggie Smith? (Also: whatever happened to that Streep rumour? She does need an Emmy you know?)
- If they go after more Broadway peeps (like Bart, LuPone and Lane) could I throw in Cheyenne Jackson, Sutton Foster and Angela Lansbury for consideration?
- And on one last note and going on nothing but dream-casting: am I the only one who dreams of seeing Julia Roberts spew Rockian one-liners? :: crickets :: Anyone? :: wind blowing :: Fine.

Tina, you have my number - call me for more tips!

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A.C. said...

It's great to know there's another 30 Rock fanatic out there!

I love your ides about Debra Messing, Lisa Kudrow, Meryl Streep or Angela Lansbury guest starring! I would love to see any one of them throwing in some "dealbreakers" with Jenna and Liz!

Regardless, October 15th can't come soon enough!