Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dreams for Women, or How this is me getting my feminist on

My friend Amanda Reaume has this amazing magazine based out of Vancouver called Antigone which you should seek out and read if you care about anything politically progressive and feminist. I know I should keep up with their great blog more often but whenever I do, it makes me smile (just their last blog post talked about President Laura Roslin - BSG FOREVER! - so you know you're in good hands) mostly because of the campaign "Dreams for Women" (which I spotlit already way back when I was getting mavericky and anti-Palin-ey).

The campaign is very simple:

What are your dreams for women?

What are your own dreams for yourself, your friends, your sisters, your daughters? Paint, draw, write, sketch or decoupage your dreams on a postcard and send it to the address below
Antigone MagazineC/O WILLA UBC
Box 61-6138 SUB Boulevard

Vancouver, BC, CanadaV6T 1Z1

We are raising the money in order to help launch the Antigone Foundation, a national foundation that will encourage young women aged 10-30 to get politically and civically engaged. Help support Antigone as we help to make the dreams of young women come true! We want submissions from all over the world – so forward this on!

Last time I did a Tina Fey/Sarah Palin 'dreams for women' postcard and continuing my love for Pop Culture (and inspired by this hilarious Twilight-based one I've attached below) here's a new one:

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Anonymous said...

Manuel just loves me right now because I got him an Emma Caulfield signed picture. That and I pay him to say nice things about the work that I do. Love the postcard!