Friday, September 18, 2009

Parks and Recreation, or How Amy is Gay for the Gays!

Parks and Recreation came back in a big (gay!) way last night. After a clunky and uneven first season (6 eps total), this Amy Poehler comedic vehicle kicked off its new season with gay penguins who Poehler's Knope unknowingly marries (as in, she didn't know they were both male, not as in, she didn't know she was marrying them) and thus throws herself squarely into the 'gay marriage' agenda fight. Seeing Poehler tread the fine line between "The gays love me! I love attention and validation and I'm doing a cute/good thing!" and "I'm in the mainstream" was hysterical. But nothing was as funny as the gay club ("The Bulge") scene:

"You know why tonight is so fun? Cause everyone is so gay! And they know how to have fun. And dance! Everyone is who they are. And who they are is stone-cold gay."

Which of course segways into:

"Pokah-pokah-face-blah blah blah pokah-face!"

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