Wednesday, September 16, 2009

EMMY predictions, or How :: fingers crossed! ::

So every year I bemoan the EMMY's for their love of cops, doctors and lawyers (in my world they'd embrace pie-makers, Battlestar commanders and vampire slayers as well) and harbor hope that they'll hand out hardware to shows I love. Last year was a step in the right direction, what with 30 Rock and Mad Men (two of my favorite shows on TV right now) took top trophies; and this year's creative EMMYs also show that I may not be as upset with their choices (Joss Whedon, Tina Fey and Pushing Daisies won big last week). And so, here's my EMMY ballot - with my prediction (**) and my personal choice (##) for all the major categories (except mini-series and movie, cause other than a Grey Gardens - go Drew! - sweep, I'm not expecting/hoping for anything):

Drama Series:

What can I say? I love the polygamist world of Bill and his three wives (oh, that anyone were to be as lucky to have Jeanne, Chloe and Ginnifer as wives!); I am breathtaken every time I watch Rose and Glenn go head to head in the NYC corporate-law world but my heart belongs to 'Don Draper' & co. Such nuance, such writing, such drama! Such... style! Matthew Weiner improved on the almost flawless first season and gave us a great second season fo

llowing Don and Peggy and Betty.

“Big Love”

“Breaking Bad”





**/## “Mad Men”

Comedy Series:

The Kiwis make me laugh everytime they come up on my iTunes, McFarlane & co make the occasional funny skit, Barney is like no other character on TV but from this pool of nominees, there's only show I obsessively watch, re-watch, quote and re-quote and that is Fey's bumbling, crazy behind the scenes look at the cast and crew of "TGS with Tracy Jordan". Laugh out loud, zeitgesty and c'mon, they even had Oprah on this season!


“Family Guy”

“Flight of the Conchords”

“How I Met Your Mother”

“The Office”

**/##“30 Rock”


Actor, Drama Series:

Why are actor categories so boring to me? It's Bryan or Laurie's to lose (I think) but I'm rooting for John.

Bryan Cranston, “Breaking Bad”

Michael C. Hall, “Dexter”

**Hugh Laurie, “House”

Gabriel Byrne, “In Treatment”

##Jon Hamm, “Mad Men”

Simon Baker, “The Mentalist"

Actress, Drama Series:

Glenn's amazing, we all know this and the slew of past Oscar nominees/winners (and Mariska) may also have deserving nods, but I'm rooting for Ms Moss's heartbreaking turn as Ms Olson. Less showy, but no less deserving.

Sally Field, “Brothers & Sisters”

Kyra Sedgwick, “The Closer”

**Glenn Close, “Damages”

Mariska Hargitay, “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”

##Elisabeth Moss, “Mad Men”

Holly Hunter, “Saving Grace"

Supporting Actor, Drama Series:

I just hope they don't give BL a farewell sloppy kiss in this category. Up in the air as far as I'm concerned so...

William Shatner, “Boston Legal”

Christian Clemenson, “Boston Legal”

Aaron Paul, “Breaking Bad”

**William Hurt, “Damages”

Michael Emerson, “Lost”

##John Slattery, “Mad Men,” AMC.

Supporting Actress, Drama Series:

First of all: where's Marcia Gay-Harden? Second of all: besides my love for Ms Byrne, I realise I don't have anyone else to root for here. Note to self: start watching "In Treatment".

##Rose Byrne, “Damages”

**Sandra Oh, “Grey’s Anatomy”

Chandra Wilson, “Grey’s Anatomy"

Dianne Wiest, “In Treatment"

Hope Davis, “In Treatment"

Cherry Jones, “24"

Actor, Comedy Series:

I'm not gonna complain about Sheen. Oh wait. Too late. (I'm also sad the FOTC conchords boys couldn't be nominated as a group since Jemaine & Bret are like one). In my mind this is El Generalissimo's to lose. (To Parsons, I hear).

Jim Parsons, “The Big Bang Theory”

Jemaine Clement, “Flight of the Conchords”

Tony Shalhoub, “Monk"

Steve Carell, “The Office"

**/##Alec Baldwin, “30 Rock"

Charlie Sheen, “Two and a Half Men”

Actress, Comedy Series:

This is a smackdown between my two favorite girls in this category: will t, Buck, gimme & Alice tackle poor Liz Lemon to the ground (with a thong, a beer, some pee and a bunt-cake respectively) and garner Ms Colette her first EMMY? Or will industry good-will keep adding little winged women to Ms Fey's mantle?

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, “The New Adventures of Old Christine"

Christina Applegate, “Samantha Who?”

Sarah Silverman, “The Sarah Silverman Program"

## Tina Fey, “30 Rock"

** Toni Collette, “United States of Tara"

Mary-Louise Parker, “Weeds"

Supporting Actor, Comedy Series:

Yay! A Piven-less category! Hooray! Now, say it with me: En Pee Ache! En Pee Ache! NPH! NPH!

Kevin Dillon, “Entourage"

**/## Neil Patrick Harris, “How I Met Your Mother"

Rainn Wilson, “The Office"

Tracy Morgan, “30 Rock"

Jack McBrayer, “30 Rock"

Jon Cryer, “Two and a Half Men"

Supporting Actress, Comedy Series:

Best for last I always say. How do you make me choose between the embarrassment of riches that is this category? Ms Perkins aside (mainly cause I don't watch that show) I would be ecstatic if any of these ladies won. Poehler's Palin rap might edge her over her competitors, but since her darling pie-maker will never dote on her again, Ms Snook has my vote.

## Kristin Chenoweth, “Pushing Daisies"

** Amy Poehler, “Saturday Night Live"

Kristin Wiig, “Saturday Night Live"

Jane Krakowski, “30 Rock"

Vanessa Williams, “Ugly Betty"

Elizabeth Perkins, “Weeds,” Showtime.

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