Monday, September 14, 2009

Road to Perdition, or How Mendes knows how to work with actors

The more I keep re-watching Sam Mendes' films, the more I fall in love with Mr Kate Winslet. His films are sumptuous looking and feature class-A acting. Road to Perdition, which I just revisited has great performances from Daniel Craig (pre-Bond), Jude Law (post-Ripley), as well as from two Hollywood heavyweights: Tom Hanks and Paul Newman.

"Cause it's all so fucking hysterical!"

"I shoot the dead"

"I'm glad it's you..."

Such an underrated film, that one.
(Which I could also say about Jarhead, Revolutionary Road and Away We Go - does the American Beauty 'backlash' run that deep?)


J.D. said...

I just saw this last week! Loved it.

Okay, yeah, Jarhead and most of RR are underrated, but Away We Go just...isn't.

A.C. said...

Sam Mendes is a great director and he always seems to surround himself with the best in the business.

Conrad Hall more than earned his Oscars for Road to Perdition and American Beauty. The cinematography is beyond beautiful!