Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Banner Next Door, or How It's Time for a Change!

Time for a banner change (see above, and/or refresh) - but to bid the old one good-bye, let's go down Memory Lane:

Kate Winslet was spotlit in my Watch Out For (as did Charlie Kauffman, the master-mind behind the movie featured), and she also got her own post.
Wicked... even though I listen to the soundtrack on loop and love the book I'm still working on watching it (damn you grad student budget!) and yet there's been a lot of love for Pushing Daisies (co-starring Original Glinda Kristin Chenoweth) and Enchanted (co-starring Original Elphaba Idina Menzel )
Gabo's Hundred Years - a nod to Latin American Lit, it got its fair share of (overhyped) posts on Love in the Time of Cholera
BKV's Runaways (which I love, despite Joss's run delayed release dates...) got a 'hate' post mainly due to my lack of love for Ramos' take on the kids, so for an 'I love Runaways' post go over to POP COLONY and read my 'I'd tap that fictional ass' post.
Belle and her Beast got their own post not that long ago in my 'Everything I Learned, I Learned from Animation' series. Standing in for Disney... well that just yields my all-time favourite post: Queer Disney Villains!
Natalie... sigh. That's all the intro she needs, right? That said, I am lacking in good Natalie posts.
BKV's Yorick? Even though we bid him goodbye in January, we still have tons of posts to leaf through to remember him.
Shakira: She got that one post on Love in the Time of Cholera, but expect more soon.
Jamie and the BSG crew: one measly post? I blame it on the fact that they've been off the air for the duration of this blog...
Ms Davis - I think she's just there to prepare me for bumpy nights ahead.
It may be Nicole, but it's Baz who I was going for when I picked the Satine pic: How appropriate then that they made it to the same Watch Out For post!
Barthes - true I talk a lot about theory (Queer Theory, re:blogs, Visual Theory), but it's no surprise Barthes showed up in one of the most obscure posts ever (Academic Biopic posters... = geek!)
And last... but certainly not least (as it beats out every other post-topic in this blog!) is Ms Buffy Summers. See posts on: the Man himself, all about Buffy Season 8, a review of a certain Ms Gellar film and even a plethora of posts on Ms Hannigan's new vehicle How I Met Your Mother

What made the new banner?
Emma in Kushner's HBO adaptation of his epic gay play(s), an Enchanted James (courtesy of David Kawena), James Jean-ean umbrella art, Chabon's superhero novel, Lee and Anna pushing daisies, NBC's favourite couple, a Devilish Meryl, a naked Barney, a H(ot)&M(adonna), an astonishing couple, Pixarian birds, a streetcar desiring Marlon and of course, a Jo Chen fab non-Buffy Buffy.

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POP COLONY said...

Where's James McAvoy? I know that you're centering your summer wardrobe around green silk!