Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pop Music, Post Human, or How It's all Po-Mo Ho-Mo to me!

I know I joked about how Rihanna is the Post-Human version of Beyonce in an earlier post... but as some commentators mentioned, she's just the result of Pop Music. Which led me to ask:

Is Pop Music inherently Post-Human?

Janet needs feedback and goes all Haraway on us:

Britney breaks the ice invoking animation (my favourite brand of trans/post-humanism):

Madonna saves the world (because yes, Ecological and Environmental issues are post-human!):

And we could go back to the early '00s:

Vintage Pop Diva Po-Hu moment - Kylie comes (and clones) into your world (Gondry-style!):

Vintage Boy Band Po-Hu moment - BSB are larger than life (cyborgs anyone?):



POP COLONY said...

What more is there to discuss about the soundtrack to my life?

R said...

It helps their songs feel different and fresh?! Or at least, isn't that the aim?