Monday, April 28, 2008

Young Frankenstein, or How it's a Star-Studded Show!

Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein

Roger Bart - who most of you might remember from playing a certain Bree-obsessed pharmacist in Desperate Housewives here is hysterical as the Mel Brooks-ean Young Frankenstein (pronounced Frankens-teen!)
Sutton Foster - who doesn't a lovable spritzy talented young blonde bombshell who rocks the German accent?
Megan Mullally - Ms Mullally plays Elizabeth like a madcap drunken 1940s socialite... So yes, she pretty much plays a redheaded singing version of Karen Walker! And that's kind of awesome.
Andrea Martin - Aunt Voula sings!
Christopher Fitzgerald - The original Boq from Wicked blew me off with his hilarious portrayal of Igor ("What hump?")
(and Shuler Hensley who wasn't there on Thursday)

Because when do you get a chance to see such an array of talent gathered together in a multi-million production driven by comedy, puns and amazing special effects, makeup and sets in a slightly longer-than-it-should production which still entertains and leaves you humming along? Okay... don't answer that. But as a spectacle and as a Mel Brooks production Young Frankenstein delivers: the Puttin' on the Ritz Franken-style choreography was pretty fun and while the comedy is at time too Mel Brooks-ean... well, for some people (such as myself) that's not really a bad thing. I tend to love overindulgent productions. Is this one for the Broadway history books á la The Producers? Probably not, but it was "good fun"(especially the first act, which bristles with good comedy and great numbers).

- Any and every moment Megan is on stage: Deep Love (oh the puns!) and Please Don't Touch Me (oh the applicability in real life) were highlights for me.
- Roll in ze Hay. Check it out:

- Fitzgerald in the role of Igor: so cooky, so funny, so hump-ey, so cuddly and talented!

Overall Grade: B+

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