Thursday, April 17, 2008

Her Lyrics Don't Lie, or How Shaki teaches you to metaphorize

You know how I love my 'Series' - so adding to the Everything I Learned I Learned from Animation, and my Seeing Double Series, I'm adding a Shakira-based mini-series called 'Her Lyrics Don't Lie'

"Metaphors" Edition:
Because while Beyonce might Check on It and Fergie might just go 'Oh Shit!' Shaki plays with language...

I'll leave again
Cuz I've been waiting in vain
But you're so in love with yourself
If I say my heart is sore
Sounds like a cheap metaphor
So I won't repeat it no more
Poem to a Horse (Laundry Service)

I've cried a thousand storms
I've blown away the clouds
The heartbeat of the sun is racing mine
And listen how
My heart is waiting
The Day and the Time (Oral Fixation Vol 2)

I used to sing the saddest songs
And while in the meantime roaches used to climb my door
Falling back down to the floor
I used to read survival guides
When my world was full of seven legged cats
But here a I am with eight more lives
Ready for the Good Times (Laundry Service)

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