Thursday, October 9, 2008

Circus, Circus, or How Pushing Daises is off to a great new fresh start!

Circus Circus 
(Ep 2 Season 2)

I am so glad Pushing Daisies is back - where else on Prime Time TV do you get a clown-car crash, a murdered mime, booze in bibles, a human cannonball attack and a nunnery pig?

Some of my favourite moments (including great cameos):

"I'm desperate to find her. (pause) I'm sorry, I'm not good with emotion."
I usually find Rachel Harris a bit annoying, so I was glad that she played against type as an emotionally starved and monotone voiced mother.

"And remember, there are two things that clowns make: balloon animals... and enemies"
I found it weird at first that I thought the acrobat was attractive - cause I'd only seen him upside down and then later looking all crazy and french: but whoa! imdb quickly made it real that Theo Alexander is a hottie.

"It's time for late-mid-afternoon prayer"

"Does something ever happen when you think is something kind of BLAH? Blah brick wall, blah faux shaker furniture, blah good works and then SHAZAM! suddenly all the boring stuff becomes full of meaning?"

And I looved the 'game' Chuck and Ned played at the end of the episode: the most romantic gesture on TV since Ted's 2 minute date with Stella on HIMYM last season.


Adam said...

Gah. This makes me feel bad for not keeping up to date with this show. I think I watched the first couple episodes of season one, loved them, and then proceeded to fail miserably in actually watching the show.

ed said...


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