Sunday, October 12, 2008

Desperate Housewives, or How Wisteria Lane's quotable quotes!

Desperate Housewives
"Kids Ain't Like Everybody Else"

Bree: [To Danielle] What a delightfully ethnic ensemble you've got! 

Gabi: The non-driving blind guy does not speak for myself!

Gabi: Carlos, that car is the last thing that says I'm better than everyone else!
Carlos: Sorry hun, we have to pay the mortgage, we can't afford to be better than anyone.

Andrew: And since you and my mom are dear friends, I won't flip you the bird.

Danielle: I became Vegetarian when I realized meat was a by-product of murder.
Bree: Would it be more acceptable if I found a suicidal pork loin? 

Gabi: Are you saying Juanita is fat for her age?
Susan: Gabi, Juanita is fat for your age. (and later) Tell Bob and Lee I will pay for the dent on the lawn [after she pushes Juanita onto it]

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Dame James Henry said...

Gabi and Bree usually get the best quotes, so I was surprised when I laughed the hardest at Susan's "Tell Bob and Lee I will pay for the dent in the lawn" line. So perfect.