Sunday, October 26, 2008

John Hamm & co, or How Mad Men takes over SNL

An excellent way to remind everyone that tonight's the Mad Men Season 2 Finale!

Don Draper's Guide to Picking up Women:

Step 1:
When in doubt, remain absolutely silent.
Step 2:
When asked about your past give vague, open ended answers.
Step 3: 
Have a great name.
Step 4:
Look fantastic in a suit.
Look fantastic in casual wear.
Look fantastic in anything.
Sound good.
Smell good.
Kiss good.
Strut around with supreme confidence.
Be uncannily successful at your job.
Blow people away everytime you say anything.
Take six hour lunches.
Disappear for weeks at a time.
Lie to everyone about everything.
Drink and smoke constantly.
... Basically, be Don Draper.

A-Holes: Pitch Meeting:

Loved the Moss ("bangs")/Slattery ("silver fox") cameos and the way the SNL writers successfully spoofed the inspired 'Wheel' pitch from Season 1's season finale.
"Isn't doing nothing the ultimate luxury? We spend our lives jumping through hoops isn't it time we relaxed inside one?"

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Dame James Henry said...

I loved the Guide to Picking Up Women sketch but I thought the Mad Men parody was a little weak. It should have been a lot funnier, but it kinda fell flat. For me, the best sketch was the Vincent Price Halloween Party; Hamm and Wiig did perfect impressions of James Mason and Gloria Swanson (well, Norma Desmond), respectively.