Friday, October 17, 2008

Halloween, or How I haven't decided what I should be this year...

"In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl [ed. note: Gay Guy] can dress like a total slut and no other girls [ed. note: Gay Guys] can say anything about it. The hard-core girls [ed. note: Gay Guys] just wear lingerie [ed. note: briefs/thongs] and some form of animal ears [ed. note: hat (I'm a cop! See my hat? I'm a firefighter! See my hat? Or my fave: I'm an angel! See my wings?)" - Mean Girls teaches you everything you needed to know about Teen Meanies, that is to say: Gay Guys of all ages.

So with that in mind, I'm torn as to what to be this Halloween. Angels (tighty-whiteys and wings!), "Lifeguard" (swimwear and a towel!) and other equally as objectifying costumes are not for me: I tend to be fun or concept-driven. I'm tossing ideas in my head still:

Dr Horrible?
It'd be fun, even if it'd take some effort... maybe I could get away with being one of his groupies with a Dr Horrible shirt.

Peter Pan?
It's gay, it's fun, it's skimpy and it's animated! It's mB in a nutshell! It'd also be a good way to "feel young" after the b-day from last week...

Ned, the Piemaker?
Not only would I be Lee Pace for Halloween but I'd have a great ice-breaker, mainly: do you know who I am? And if the answer is "No" I can easily walk away and not feel bad about it.
Or I could be a meta-costume "Look, I'm a slutty gay guy in a costume!" or "I'm a hipster!" 
We'll see...


Dame James Henry said...

It's amazing just how relevant Mean Girls is, even after your high school years.

By the way, I would love to see a Dr. Horrible costume. That would be totally boss.

Michael Parsons said...

Go as Caprica Six. You know you want to

POP COLONY said...

The best costume would be a mirror. If people saw what they truly looked like I'm sure they would die of fright. There is not enough Olay in the world to save them!

Though I would die to see you as one of the Incarnations of Britney in the Womanizer vid.