Thursday, October 30, 2008

Twins! or How Pushing Daises still amazes me to no end!

Pushing Daisies
Dim Sum Lose Sum

So, many of you might have been watching the Obama Variety 1/2 Hour but I was faithful to the Pie 'Hos and watched as they solved a crazy crime at a Dim Sum restaurant, managed to dress up in the process and find (SPOILERS AHEAD) Ned's twin brothers!

Fave screengrabs ahead:

Chuck: "They have his eyebrows!"
Olive: "They do. They do. I said that twice for each of you"

I might have ROTFL when I saw the Pie Hos gone Dim Sum waitresses. 

And then I saw 'Pimp Emerson' and 'Cowboy Ned' and well... all bets were off: Hysterical!

Simone, owner of Bubblegum was back, and I'm hoping they'll keep her around for more.

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J.D. said...

They really do have his eyebrows!