Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Up & the Ugly Truth or How We Have New Posters!

Yay a new UP poster from Pixar (!)

And a poster for The Ugly Truth
And I have no idea what this movie was about but as soon as I saw the poster many things came to mind trying to answer what the ugly truth is:

- Is Katherine Heigl the ugly truth? I think so.
- OR is Katherine Heigl's mind the ugly truth? Ditto.
- OR Uh... are they implying that Gerard' heart is in his pants and this is somehow an 'ugly' truth? Pfft... seriously? That can't be it.
- OR is the advertising/plot of the film's heteronormative and gender-stereotyping politics the ugly truth? BINGO!

[via Slashfilm]

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POP COLONY said...

I thought the UGLY TRUTH poster was supposed to suggest a RETURN TO ME-esque transplant love story. Those crazy studios!