Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wish I could be Ned, the Piemaker, or How with those outfits, who wouldn't?

A new series to keep the blog going. I'm choosing on a weekly basis (Wishing Wednesdays!) someone/thing I wish I could be from whatever popular culture outlet I choose.

And to celebrate Pushing Daisies season two premiere episode, here goes:

Wish I could be... Ned, the Piemaker.

The facts are these: I think I'm infatuated with this show - 30 Rock maybe funnier in that gotcha/ridiculous kind of way and Desperate Housewives might be hilarious in that soap opera kind of way, but if I were to date one Prime TV show, this would be it (Fey's show could be my best friend and D-Hos my gossipy neighbor). Where was I? Oh yes, infatuated/obsessed: Just ask the bf a) how long I've been counting down to the season premiere and b) how long I counted down to the DVDs being released! That's in part due to Lee Pace's charisma (but also to Bryan Fuller's premise, Sonnenfeld's Pie-lette, the Gilmore-Girlian wit, the beautiful art direction, Jim Dale's voiceover... I could keep going, but you can check out my initial thoughts here). And while I was re-watching season one (for what seems like the nth time... and sigh, it's still as saccharine and sugary gooey as I remembered it) something struck me... I don't just like Ned, I want to be Ned.

Now you might think that I'm saying this because I want Ned's magical finger (but really... when put that way, who does?), or maybe I've come to this conclusion because I think pies are the best way to get your daily serving of fruit (which is true!). Or maybe you're thinking I want to be Ned because I want to be surrounded by people who break into song, or who are this talented. Or maybe you're going all Freud on me and thinking I'm just afraid of intimacy so this would be a wonderful way out but no... the main reason I want to be Ned, the Piemaker is, his wardrobe. Ah to live in a world where pie makers wear fitted shirts, skinny ties, designer trench coats and vests!

Seriously - there may be better dressed men in prime time TV (stops and thinks... the Gossip Boys? those 90210ers? that suited-up Barney? those Ad Men?...) but no one quite has that piemaker-chic look going for them - would it be too 'fringe' if I dressed up as him for Halloween? It'd be a good way to weed out who that I know watches and who's clueless about it. It would give me an excuse to start Ned-ifying my closet. No wonder it's award-worthy: Sure, sure Chuck's dresses and the aunt's outfits and Emerson's shirts and Olive's attire were probably also the reason why Robert Blackman won the Costume Designer's Guild Award last year (Period/Fantasy category) but no one can deny that Ned looks amazing in every episode even if it is a Carrie Bradshaw's shoes/Friends' rent situation where there's no way he could afford what he wears with his business income.

Let's see if they continue this in less than 11 hours! (CAN'T.WAIT. -And PS: Damn you Canucks who got the episode last night! The election-craze, the Wall St crisis and the general America-ness of NYC don't make me want to go back to Canada as much as wanting to watch this show one day earlier...)

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