Sunday, October 12, 2008

Womanizer, Womanizer Brit-dolls, or How I'd collect them all

Britney Spears - "Womanizer" (Circus)

So by now everyone has hopefully seen Britney's new video "Womanizer" which debuted Friday night on 20/20 (weird, no? I recall the times of yore where Britney's vids would debut on MTV after a half hour of "Making the Video" but alas, times change):

Never before while watching a music video have I thought to myself "There should be a line of dolls/action figures to go with this" (okay, maybe that's a lie - who wouldn't want a little Cowgirl "Don't Tell Me" Madonna or a Stripping "Rock DJ" Robbie Williams?) 

Which is why here I am giving you BRITNEY Dolls the Womanizer Collection:

- We have 'Naked Britney' - you might remember her from Toxic (sans diamonds attached to her body) or from a certain VMA performance (though her she's actually naked and not just wearing a skin-colored tight suit) - Ages 18 and up.

- We have 'Naughty Secretary Britney' (ie: Britney with a bob, glasses, short skirt and a deep neckline) - sorry, photocopier sold separately.

- We have 'Driver Britney' - sorry, car sold separately.
- 'Sultry Waitress Britney' (or what I like to call 'Toxic Britney' since the red wig always takes me there) - with printable tattoos you can add to her!
- 'Housewife/Womanizer Britney' (or what - with that background - could look like '4 Minutes' Britney) - make square eggs on your Womanizer stove just like Brit-Brit!

- And of course, additionally we have 'Smouldering Eye-Candy Womanizer' sold separately (and yes, it should be a companion to 'Naked Britney' - gratuitous pictures ahead):

Now all we have to do is collect 'em all!

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