Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jimmy 'Jar Jar' Zara, or How I'm Seeing Double

Jimmy 'The Rocker' Zara?! WTF?

Seriously, every time this kid was on screen I wanted to punch him in the face. If indeed he's continuing the HSM legacy it will be truly awful, but at least it'll give me a dignified reason for not having to watch HSM 4+ when they come out. 

He's supposedly the "new Troy" but I mean, it's like saying Jar Jar Binks is the new Han Solo.

 Yes, he's THAT annoying. 

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Dame James Henry said...

I didn't find him that annoying. In fact, he was the best of "the new class," in my opinion. I was more horrified by the fact that they think that that Tiara bitch would ever be a replacement for Sharpay. The girl is such a bad singer she makes Vannesa Hudgens look like Aretha. And the only reason she got a reaction on that one "you should learn to act" line to Sharpay is because anyone could have delivered it and made it funny. Try doing the Sharpay role, stealing scenes and lines from the background, and then call me.